Controls Edit

  • W,A,S,D - Scale current light shape
  • Q, E - Rotate current light shape
  • Z - Toggle between drawing and erasing light
  • Mouse left - Paint light
  • Mouse right - Rotate light shape in direction of mouse ( does not paint it.)
  • R, F - Scroll through light shape library
  • J, L - Change angle of light source
  • I, K - Change distance of light source
  • 8, 4, 2, 6 (numpad) - move view, where (8 = ↑, 4 = ←, 2 = ↓, 6 = →)

Canvas stretching Edit

Corners of the canvas can be dragged by holding down keys C, V, B and N (up-left, up-right, down-right and down-left respectively). After deformation, folded canvas can be reapplied by pressing M. This will project deformed version onto main layer.

Once dragged, canvas corners are hard to return to their initial position. Deformation is reset by leaving and re-entering the light editor tab.

Deforming canvas also deforms some butons in the main menu.

Note: The light editor has a bug in which the border constraints (i.e. the view you can move with the numpad keys) is offset, often causing the upper and left areas of the room to be inaccessible in this editor. A workaround is to hold numpad9 while moving the view, which bypasses these restrictions. Alternatively, the PNG file found with the editor save txt in the LevelEditorProjects folder is the same as what appears in the light editor, and can be modified using an image editor.

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