• Navigate to "Rain World/SoundEffects" and open the Sounds.txt file in a text editor.
  • Find the sound that you want to edit in the list of sound effects.
  • Each sound has two names listed, one to the left of the colon, and one to the right of the colon. The one you need to edit is the one on the right side. IE: The bolded one in the example below.
    • MENU_Start_New_Game : UIImpact2/vol=0.4
  • Place a *.wav file into the SoundEffects folder with your custom sound. Name this sound file something DIFFERENT than the original sound effect. In fact, it needs to be different from any of the sound effects in the Rain World database, so give it a very unique name.
  • Replace the bolded sound name on the right side of the colon in the text file, with the name of your new sound effect file (without the file extension).
  • Now the original sound has been replaced by your modified one in-game.
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